Winter is a time to button down the hatches and hibernate! Unfortunately if you have a swimming pool you can’t just ignore it or assume that it will take care of itself during winter. Even though you won’t be making use of your swimming pool you still need to make sure that it is cared for so that come summer your pool will be ready for swimming and loads of water fun.

Some tips on how to keep your pool clean during winter

  • Algaecide – come mid-winter it is advisable to use a good algaecide in your pool. By doing this you will prevent algae from growing on the sides of your pool and prevent any algae build-up in your pump or pool filter system. Once the algaecide has been applied, shut down your pool circulation system for the rest of winter. Only start the circulation again once summer has returned.
  • Prevent freezing – check the pump and motorized parts of your swimming pool. It is advisable to drain the water from the pool pump, heater and filter. The reason for this is as the temperature drops so does the water temperature and it could cause the water to freeze and crack the pipes.
  • Keep your pool cover clean all year – all it requires from you is regularly hosing down your pool cover to keep debris off of it. Make sure that you keep your pool covered at all times during winter.
  • Chlorine – add a heavier dose than normal into the pool before covering it again. Chlorine, together with algaecide, will ensure that your swimming pool does not turn pea green over winter.
  • Enzymes – using an enzyme product in the pool over winter will help towards breaking down non-organic contamination which automatically makes its way into the pool in winter. Contamination would include bird droppings, pollen or even contaminants left over from summer swimming season. These contaminants are what causes the “ring” around your pool which is difficult to get rid of. The enzymes you put into your pool will get rid of all contamination and the “ring” will not appear.

Don’t wait until summer – take action now towards a clean swimming pool!

As per the above pearls of wisdom, don’t wait until the first week of summer to start getting your swimming pool ready. Prevention is better than cure so treat your swimming pool with the right chemicals in winter so that when summer comes your pool will be sparkling clean.

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