Yes winter is finally upon us and the last thing you really want to do is any type of outdoor “garden” activity. You look at your water feature and swimming pool and think to yourself – why bother? They will only be needed to be used again in summer. That is where you could definitely encounter problems. By leaving your water features and swimming pools unattended in winter months, come summer there will be such a build-up of algae that it will probably take you the better part of summer to clear it!

If you want to add more character to your garden and you have the space, then consider water features. Just make sure that you buy the correct pump when having one installed so that the water in your feature stays clean the whole year round. There is nothing worse than a pond or water feature being taken over by algae and once your water feature gets full of algae it is a mission to get it clean again! The trick with any water feature is having the water circulating all the time. Check the pump regularly to make sure that it is still in working condition and that it doesn’t need replacing. If you find that there is the start of algae growth in your feature then take a wire scrubbing brush and gently brush it off the sides. The continual flow of water will remove the algae that you brushed from the sides, from the water feature.

It would be absolutely wonderful if we could swim outdoors the whole year round, but sadly that cannot be so as much time and effort as you put into the upkeep of swimming pools in summer must also be done in winter. In summer the pool pump is on daily to circulate the water but not in winter as the swimming pool does not get used. Here are some easy tips to follow to a clean pool in winter:

  • Check the sides of the pool for any possible algae growth
  • Have the pump on at least every second day to circulate the water
  • As important as back-washing your pool is in summer, it is just the same in winter and should be done once a month
  • Chemicals are important but as the pool is not being used as often, the chemicals do not have to be put in bi-weekly. Once a week is more than enough.
  • Check that your pump and filter are working 100% and if not, get them checked by a pool expert.

Following these simple steps will help keep water features and swimming pools clean and sparkling all year round!

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