So you have made the decision to install a swimming pool. You have the space in your garden, you have an idea on price … and your kids are thrilled.

The next step on this very exciting journey is to determine which swimming pool design will suit your family. What options are available to you?

Likely the first consideration will be how much usable space you have. This will determine, to a large extent, the pool size, shape and position.

You will also want to think about how you will be using your swimming pool. For example, if you are avid entertainers then you will want something close to your braai area, (perhaps with a cocktail step) which can accommodate those fun floating sofas. If you are planning on using it for exercise, then it can be in a more private part of the garden, and in a shape conducive to lap training. A family with young children will love gently sloped sides and perhaps a fountain with plenty of shallow space to splash around in.

A Lap Pool

These are usually cleverly integrated into the design of a home and can be nestled away if space is at a premium. They most often take a rectangular shape to allow for lap swimming. But of course, our incredibly hot South African summers mean that we can dip into our lap pool at any time. They are generally compact, stylish, and easy to maintain.

Traditional Pool

A large, geometrically-shaped pool is the first choice for families. They are simple to install, easy to finish – and they look incredible. Precast forms are the most cost-effective pool option, and these make up the majority of traditional pool designs. Great for the family and wonderful when entertaining, and a good choice for a large, flat piece of ground.

Infinity Pool

If your home enjoys stunning sea or gorge views, then this is an excellent option for you. These spectacular and stylish options add a whole new dimension of glamour to a home. Also called horizon pools, they are most often edged with clear glass or thin balustrades for safety.

Resort Pool

These are usually custom-built to suit your taste and space, and are an exciting way to shape your garden. A well-designed resort pool will often make use of water features, well-positioned rocks, as well as lighting, and clever planting. These make a beautiful backdrop when you’re entertaining, but are also thrilling for children to let their imaginations run free.

Splash Pool

If you simply don’t have the space for a good-sized swimming pool, then there is always the option of a splash pool. These dinky little pools are perfect for a quick dunk on a hot day, great for small kiddies to play in, and an excellent option for a lazy soak with a cocktail at the end of the day. They can also double as a truly relaxing spa if for a little bit extra.

So if you are in the enviable position of choosing your own unique swimming pool, it would be wise to research the various exciting options available to you.

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