A water fountain is a wonderful feature to add to your garden pond. The sound of tumbling water can increase the ambience of your garden, and the different nozzles make for great entertainment.

PondoSolar has a wonderful range of solar-powered fountain pumps, and because they do no need to be connected directly to the main power, they are versatile and a great investment. So, which one is right for your fountain? Let’s take a look and the benefits of each.

PondoSolar Pumps

PondoSolar has three different options to choose from in their fountain pump range – the PondoSolar 250, PondoSolar 600, and the PondoSolar 1600.

PondoSolar 250

The 250 has four different nozzles to create various fountain patterns. With a convenient remote control and LED lighting, it can create a wonderful atmosphere. This pump comes with rechargeable battery technology as well as a solar panel.

A great benefit of the 250 is it can still be used when the sky is overcast and in the twilight hours of the day. The capacity of the pumps is 250 l/h with a maximum fountain height of 0.6m.

PondoSolar 600

The PondoSolar 600 requires no connectivity to power at all. With its two nozzle heads, you have a couple of different pattern options and they are simple and easy to install. This set also has a remote control, rechargeable battery, solar panel, and ambient LED lighting.

The pump capacity is 600 l/h, and the maximum height for the fountain is 0.8m. the 600 works well even in low sunlight.

PondoSolar 1600

A powerful fountain pump with a 1600 l/h capacity, the PondoSolar 1600 can be used for a fountain height of 1.8m. No power connection is needed, and two nozzle heads make a beautiful simple fountain. Using two 10W-18W solar panels, this is a great choice for bigger fountains.

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