A garden, no matter its size, can be enhanced with a water feature. Be it a simple pond with delicate plants dipping their heads into its reflective surface, or a lavish and contemporary piece spewing jets of water into the air.

However, there are many factors to consider before deciding on what sort of water feature would enhance your outdoor space.

The very first thing to note is that all water features can be dangerous for small children. This should be your primary concern if you have a young family. Of course, a pond or any other water feature which attracts wildlife will be enthralling for little eyes, and a constant source of delight for adults too. Even so, care should be taken to ensure that your watery masterpiece does not pose a danger to children.

The next obvious question to consider is whether your choice fits in with the overall theme of the garden. For example, a formal pond with a regal fountain would fit in beautifully with a modern home, but less so in a country cottage. Likewise, considering a waterfall in an otherwise flat space would look unnatural. Look online for options for your garden (hello Pinterest! and weigh up what you think would work in the space you have available.

Speaking of space…

A water feature very often incorporates borders, planting, and benches. Be sure to allocate sufficient space to allow your new addition to be adorned. After all, it is all about aesthetics – and surrounding your feature with natural beauty. If you are creating something which is designed to be enjoyed, then be sure that the allocated space can be viewed and appreciated from multiple angles.

While you want your water feature to look as natural as possible, it is important to consider trees, plants, and sunlight when positioning it. Some trees drop leaves that may be toxic to the fish in your water feature, and which may contribute to blocking your pumps and filters. A fairly open and sunny spot is ideal.

If you’re running a pump, then you will also need to think about your electrical connection. If it’s too far from the house, then you’ll have to dig up the garden and run additional wiring – at additional expense.

These are just a few of the considerations of adding a water feature to your garden. At PoolSpa we take the logistics away and simplify the process. Whether you want to enjoy the gentle gurgle of a small pond or you want to impress the neighbours with a stunning showstopper, we can help. Visit our website on www.poolspa.co.za and we’ll get it done.