These days, it seems townhouse complexes and security estates are popping up everywhere you look. This is hardly surprising when you consider that over 80 percent of all properties sold in 2015 were in gated communities or security complexes. Clearly, demand is high. There are, of course, many advantages to living in an estate, but property size is generally not one of them. Even properties with large houses tend to have small gardens, and small gardens aren’t the place for big pools. This is why the demand for smaller splash pools is growing, fuelled by the increasing numbers of people moving into estates.

But taking up less space isn’t the only reason to consider installing a splash pool. Splash pools offer all the social benefits of their bigger counterparts, simply on a smaller scale. They create a beautiful focal point around which to centre your entertainment area and offer a tranquil spot for lazing around on long summer afternoons. There are many other advantages too:

Benefits Of A Splash Pool

Increased Property Value

Property sales show that houses with pools – even if they are only small splash pools – sell for significantly higher prices than similarly sized houses in the same area without a pool. This is especially true if care has been taken to ensure the pools is well located and attractively designed.

Easy To Install

Because a splash pool is small, it can easily be installed on a wooden deck or patio. If you decide to install it in your garden, excavation is made easy by its small dimensions and shallower depth.

Cost Effective

Splash pools are not only much cheaper than larger pools to install, they are also significantly cheaper to maintain. You need fewer chemicals and less water. They can also be heated economically using solar panels or a heat pump.

Environmentally Friendly

Small pools create a smaller carbon footprint than their bigger cousins. They need less water to fill, less water to top up, and fewer chemicals to keep them in sparkling condition.

Whether you have a splash pool or an Olympic one, Pool Spa and Filtration Supplies have everything you need to keep it sparkling and swimmer-friendly. Come to us for swimming pool pumps, sand filters, automatic pool cleaners, pool lights, pool fittings, stainless steel ladders, overflow grating, starting blocks,  lane dividers, diving boards and slides, UV sterilisers, salt chlorinators, pool salt (food grade) and filter media (filter sand).