Have you ever noticed how after getting out of a swimming pool, even on a warm day, that your skin feels a little chilly? That’s because evaporation is going on.

Water requires more energy to be in a state of gas than it does in a liquid form. When it evaporates it absorbs heat energy from the air which makes both the water and the air around your skin cooler.

Misting systems work on the same basic principle but without making you or your surrounds wet. Water, by way of a high-pressure pump, is forced through specialised tubing that produces a micro-fine mist. The mist droplets are so tiny that they evaporate almost instantly, cooling the surrounding air.

When misting systems are pumping millions of droplets per second into the air, this technique can really do a lot of cooling. Misters can also be used for humidification and dust control applications.

The new generation of ultrasonic mist makers create mist by using a ceramic disc which vibrates at ultrasonic speed. This atomises the water without generating heat or affecting water chemistry. These type of misting systems make great humidifiers and can also be used like an atomiser to scent a room with liquid fragrances.

Creative Misting

Besides keeping people cool, scaring away dust or unwanted pests and encouraging vegetables or plants to grow, misting systems can be a stunning way to create atmosphere in your water feature.

Combination misting systems with floats, coloured lights and misters in one unit are ideal for spicing up water features. Lava nozzles can be placed in the centre of a convenient cut-out to contain the mist with a thin film of water.

For deeper ponds and water features, the float ring will ensure that the units are kept at the right level, ensuring optimal mist generation.

Surprise and delight your guests with a combi misting system that comes with a remote control, allowing you to change the colour of the lights in your water feature at will, from up to 20 meters away!

And, if a garden water feature is not your style, you can also create an attractive indoor water feature using a small mist maker, which not only freshens the air but humidifies the room at the same time.

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