Fountains are often referred to as living water.

And it’s no wonder. Technology has afforded us incredible ways to create spectacular features using gorgeous combinations of water, light, and music.

Once of the jewels in the crown of the fountain is almost certainly the Mylar Fountain. Also called the Lace fountain, it is a popular choice for upmarket malls and other large, indoor spaces

What are Mylar Fountains?

So named because of the Mylar nozzles and Mylar lace used in their construction, Mylar fountains create a spectacular curtain of shimmering water in an indoor space. Mylar lace is a fine, transparent filament which is attached to corresponding nozzle which carries water from a top reservoir into a bottom tank. These laces are adjustable and a creative company can design a fountain in any number of shapes: curved, circular, or spiral to name a few options. The flow of water on these filaments is what creates the mesmerising effect of a gently falling wall of water.

Why choose a Mylar fountain?

If your idea is to create a spectacular and aesthetically pleasing indoor space, then this is a wonderful place to start. Mylar fountains can be positioned to enhance the architecture of a room, to provide a stunning screen, or to offer visual room divisions. They offer all the benefits of a traditional water feature, without the noise or splashing.

Additionally, features such as light and music can be added to turn a space into an exquisitely tranquil haven.

Indeed, a Mylar fountain may be just what you need to bring out the beauty of your space.

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