Natural Rock Swimming Pools Bring Beauty and Fun to Your Space

If you have the space in your garden and a little imagination, then that new swimming pool that you’re thinking of doesn’t have to conform to the run-of-the-mill designs that we’re used to seeing. No, natural rock swimming pools are gaining ground as a design choice for those of us who want to bring nature that little bit closer. 

There has been a strong move over the past decade to create spaces in our homes that provide a restful retreat from our crazy lives. Think green walls in the bathroom where plants are encouraged to flourish, water walls in the living room, or open-air showers.

Why We Love Natural Rock Swimming Pools

With a natural rock swimming pool, you get the best of both worlds: a clean and hygienic swimming pool for the family to enjoy, as well as the feeling that you are in a distant forest surrounded by falling water and luxuriant foliage.

Choosing a natural rock swimming pool means that you will need a little more space than a standard pool would require. Setting up of the rocks – whether natural or crafted lookalikes – will need some careful planning as will leaving room for the landscaping around the area.

The Pool Spa pros can design something just for your family; from a beautiful cascading waterfall (with a hidden cave for extra fun) to a gently sloping beach pool for the grown-ups to lounge comfortably in.

Depending on their design, natural rock swimming pools don’t necessarily need significantly more attention. If you have a standard pool design as the core, then your pool vacuum will do its job nicely and allow you to treat the water as you would in a standard pool. Depending on the rock design and formation, as well as the proximity of flora to your new swimming pool, you may need to skim and top up your water little more frequently during the summer months. 

If your heart is set on a natural rock swimming pool, please call in to chat with the Pool Spa professionals. Our team have been creating magical swimming spaces for years, and we’d love to create something special for you.