In this day and age it is important to try live a green lifestyle where possible. Besides doing the obvious to make sure that you are following an eco-friendly lifestyle, there is the less obvious way – through pool filters. Swimming pools require a lot of electricity to run and the maintenance of a pool is not always considered as eco-friendly. Find out how you can become even more “eco-aware” by using cartridge pool filters – they will change the way you use your pool for life!

It is possible to own a pool and keep it eco-friendly. Cartridge pool filters are fibreglass sand filters. They offer finer filtration which means the pool will require less chlorine to burn out unfiltered organics. On top of that they offer lower flow resistance which makes the circulation in the pool better, which will in turn help to keep the pool clean of debris. They also require less maintenance than normal pool filters due to a larger surface area. Another reason why they are eco-friendly is the fact that the larger surface area prevents water wastage and the need to do a backwash. Backwashes are extremely wasteful when it comes to water and as water is precious, it is best to preserve as much as possible. By cutting back on the chlorine and not needing to do backwashes cartridge pool filters are definitely the best way to go to help you to fulfil a greener lifestyle.

Which cartridge pool filters does one choose from? Emaux cartridge filters can offer everything you could possibly want in order to get a crystal clear eco-friendly pool:

  • 15 micon filtrations
  • UV resistant tanks
  • Stainless steel oil filled pressure gauge
  • Supplied with Unions
  • Max working pressure of 3.5 bar

On top of all of this they are easy to install and come in options that are suitable for a variety of different sized swimming pools. With summer heating up you need to make sure that you do the right thing and switch to cartridge pool filters today. You can enjoy splashing around in your pool while knowing that you have chosen an option that is not only good for you but for the environment as well.

Kit out your pool to the max this summer!

When it comes to pools, maintenance is key. To have a healthy pool that is rid of algae and dirt you will need to get your hands on the necessary accessories. The first accessory that you need to get, is the Kreepy Krawley. This is the perfect device to clean the bottom and sides of the pool and suck up any dirt or debris. The second accessory that is a must have, is a pool cover. During the winter months you can keep you pool free from debris by simply covering it up.

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