While the new year is likely to bring many new and exciting challenges, there is one which we can guarantee you will enjoy, and see immediate gains.

Your swimming pool is likely a key part of your garden, and as such needs more than a little TLC to keep it in tip top shape.

However, it’s not just the actual swimming pool which creates the magic. No, there are many other factors that you can improve to really highlight the beauty of your pool.


Landscape artists are just that – artists. And they have a unique ability to draw the eye down predetermined paths, and to create little havens of magic in your garden. Take a critical look at your swimming pool area. Can it do with a face lift?

Choosing pavers and plants to complement your outside living space can be a challenge, but is enormously satisfying when you get it right. Choose plants which won’t litter your pool, such as leafy deciduous trees or shrubs, or tall needle-bearing trees which are equally messy. Rather, focus on bushy plants which can fill a space, provide a screen, and add their own blend of beauty and calm.

Hard landscaping in the form of retaining walls, paved paths, water features, wooden fencing, and rockeries add their own special effect to your swimming pool area.

Swimming pool bling

Underwater lights are a fabulous way to make your pool – well – fabulous. This gentle coupling of light and water adds a new dimension of charm and tranquillity to your pool. But don’t stop there. Some well-placed garden lights serve to highlight your clever planting and welcome late night visitors to the pool.


Without a doubt, decking is one of the quickest ways of transforming a dull swimming pool area. The clean lines and open space beckon you outdoors, and offer an excellent entertainment space for you and your guests.
We at Pool Spa have been creating swimming pool magic for decades, and we know that a pool is never just a pool. Why not chat to one of our talented team members and find out how we can help you to transform your pool?

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