Calling all pool, spa and pond owners. Over the course of the month we are going to be telling you about some impressive pieces of water equipment that would complement any outdoor living space beautifully.

First up, is the OASE Nozzle Foam Jet. This accessory breathes life into any pool or pond by shooting water vertically, producing a highly compact foam jet.

The OASE Nozzle Foam Jet isn’t just a pretty face. Here are a few reasons why the foam jet is an excellent addition to any home or business that needs to maintain a pond or pool.

Firstly, the fountain heads that lie above the water shoot out water foam that creates a good amount of action on the surface and below. This movement helps boost and maintain oxygen levels in the pond, which in turn impacts positively on the health and lifespan of your fish.

Oxygen introduced deep in the water also promotes the decomposition of pond sludge. It does this by aiding bacterial colonies that break it down.

The OASE Nozzle Foam Jet can work as a stand-alone feature or can be grouped together with other foam jets for a glamorous effect and optimum aeration.

It’s quite a cracker of a Christmas treat.

Compared to Cascade and Geiser, the OASE foam spray and foam spring nozzles function independently from the water level. Changes in the water level have no effect on the water pattern. When a water feed runs into the basin, for stepped pools or fountain installations with a lower water reservoir, this nozzle type has a wide field of applications, since return valves, which are often troublesome, are unnecessary here.

Due to the high quantity of air that is mixed in, a voluminous water effect is achieved with a relatively small quantity of water. This makes the foam jet very soft, highly compact and exceptionally foamy. It stands out, highly contrasted against its surroundings.

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