Surely there can be nothing more pleasurable than soaking away the stresses of the day floating weightlessly in an outdoor Jacuzzi in a garden setting?

With SPA dreams comes a fair amount of consideration.

On the plus side, while Jacuzzi’s, in general, require good ventilation, the great news about an outdoor Jacuzzi is that the fresh air will naturally take care of the ventilation issue for you which lends itself to a considerable cost saving.

Another weight off your mind is that the humidity caused by your outdoor Jacuzzi won’t result in mildew build-up or peeling walls, which one would otherwise experience with an indoor Jacuzzi. Instead, some of your garden plants may even more happily thrive in the more humid environment.

Outdoor Jacuzzi’s do present some aesthetic challenges, however, as in order to keep your Jacuzzi in ship shape, it would need to be covered when not in use to prevent leaves and other unwanted debris from landing up in the water. Admittedly a vinyl cover is not exactly attractive, so here are a few tips to help integrate your outdoor Jacuzzi into your garden and still have it look good.

Clever Camouflage in 3 Ways

Unlike in-ground pools, Jacuzzis don’t require a large paved space for access. Planting a mixture of tall and short shrubs right up to the edge of your hot tub can both merge it into the garden surroundings and make it more aesthetically pleasing to look at as a garden feature of sorts.

Consider using existing garden walls and railings to help hide as many sides of the Jacuzzi as possible so that less of your hot tub is exposed. Masking the remaining sides with something like a wooden enclosure along with the addition of wooden steps would better blend your outdoor Jacuzzi into the landscape.

Custom-built Jacuzzi’s can be concealed in such a way as to appear to almost not even exist. Consider a stone wall that hides the tub from the patio area, while the wall continues on to form part of a terraced garden.

A Few Focal Points

With some ingenuity and expert modifications, an outdoor Jacuzzi can be housed in such a way as to also behave as a relaxing water feature when not in use and thus serve as both a pleasurable and functional focal point in your garden.

An ingenious and attractive way to cover an in-ground outdoor Jacuzzi on a small patio is to have a custom made sliding wooden slatted cover made that can double as a sundeck while both on or off your hot tub. Rolling or sliding jacuzzi covers are not only pleasing to the eye, but it also means no flipping back of a wet and heavy mess.

While on the topic of sundecks, consider building a raised wooden deck around the edge of a sunken Jacuzzi with a reasonable gap below the deck for a sliding cover to be easily pushed underneath and out of the way. When the hot tub is not in use, the clever cover will form part of a terraced sundeck.

Watch where you Step

A final word of wisdom. Believe it or not, when you step out of your outdoor Jacuzzi, there is simply no way to avoid the gallon of water that follows you which naturally lands up on the floor. It is thus quite important to avoid installing any paving or grassy patches around your Jacuzzi that can become slippery when wet because nothing would ruin your new found relaxed state of being quite like an unexpected crash to the ground.

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