When we refer to “plastic”, many people turn their noses up. Plastic usually refers to something substandard or cheap. But is that always the case?

What about plastic ponds?

For those of us who want a beautiful oasis in our garden, awash with healthy fish and perhaps a fountain or water feature, we envision something big, deep, and gorgeous. A plastic pond may not be ideal in this setting.

However, if we are looking for a small focal point in our garden, with some pretty water plants and almost no maintenance, then a plastic preformed pond will be ideal.

What are the advantages of a preformed plastic pond?

Easy to install

For the DIY enthusiast, they are so easy to install. Simply choose the shape you prefer, and pop in in the ground. While this may be a simplistic explanation, it does highlight the difference between this option, and the digging, cementing and waterproofing that goes into a bespoke pond.


Plastic ponds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose the one you love, and voila.

Cost effective

Not only do they cost less than creating a cement pond from scratch, but they are far cheaper to maintain. A good one will last you for decades without cracking, and many of them are small enough so as not to need a pump.
If you want to keep fish (especially Koi), however, then you may need to consider another option. Their relatively small size allows a plastic pond to warm up quickly, which can affect sensitive fish and promote excessive algae growth.

However, a few oxygenating plants in a small size plastic pond can easily maintain a healthy ecological balance and allow the water to stay clean. This pretty mini oasis will add personality and charm to any garden and is a quick and easy option.

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