Having a pond is very soothing for the soul, but it can become hard work if not maintained. Keeping the quality of the water is at its best condition, and your fish happy, is an all-year-round task.

You may not be overly concerned about the bottom of the fish pond, which is never really seen. However, when debris is allowed to accumulate at the bottom of your fish pond, the water quality and health of your fish are at risk.

Constantly cleaning your pond can become a real bore.

But what can you do about uneaten fish food, waterlogged leaves and plants, or even dead fish which could be decaying at the bottom of your pond?

This is where the pond vacuum comes to the rescue.

Pond vacuums do all the hard work for you, reducing maintenance time drastically. (And especially so for bigger ponds which can really become a back-ache.)

How does it work?

The pond vacuum has a pump very similar to the filter pump on a swimming pool. So, you no longer have to empty your pond completely to clean it from top to toe – upsetting fish and flora along the way. The bottom of your pond is vacuumed, the water and debris filtered, and pumped right back into your pond. The debris that is removed can then be thrown away like any normal vacuum cleaner.

When you’re done, simply check your pond level to ensure that the water is still sufficient for your fish, and top up with fresh water if necessary.

By using the pond vacuum you will ensure that your fish pond is clear, the water maintained at the correct levels and a you have a happy home for your fish.

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