The pool colour vs water temperature debate is fascinating! And there are two takes you need to investigate regarding water temperature and your smart pool design ideas;

  • Paint colour
  • Water colour

Either way, pool owners are always interested in a healthy pool, so we’ll also read you in that detail.

Paint Colour vs Water Temperature: Does it Make a Difference?

Short answer? Yes, it does. Here’s the deal. It became avant-garde to create more natural-looking pools. So, instead of the traditional light blue paint, pool owners used dark paint. Some even got creative and went from very dark at the bottom to lighter shades up the sides.

That’s when they learned that paint colour affected the pool water temperature. Dark colours don’t reflect heat as much as light colours do, so the sun’s heat is more readily captured, distributed, and retained in the pool water.

And there is the added bonus that you’ll not likely need to heat your pool water as much in the winter, so less electricity and more bucks in your wallet.

Spoiler alert: Black at the bottom, while creating an awesome mysterious, rock pool ambience for swimming, makes it impossible to spot black algae creeping in. You have to be meticulously scientific about your pool chemistry.

Hot tip: Pool owners used dark to navy blue paint instead to create the same effect, warmer water, and a better chance to see black algae.

You get that painting your pool lighter shades of blue, is going to mean a cooler pool. If that’s what you’re looking for then you’re playing it right using whiter shades of pale.

Water Colour vs Water Temperature: Is there any Effect?

Short answer? Yes, there is. Here’s the deal. Did you know that Eastern Europeans tint their pools brown? Thought not! The thermodynamic experts explain that if one were to put black ink in pool water, you decrease the reflectivity of the water, and energy from sunlight will enter the water directly, warming it up.

You may or may not have seen the red swimming pools of Thailand – bizarre indeed, but a tourist attraction nonetheless. Achieved purely by mosaic-tiled walls, the water itself is clear.

Again, in SA, most people desire cool pools, but, it may be that your pool gets a lot of shade, so here’s an idea: instead of painting the walls, just tint the water a bit. It does not go murky or swampy, you can still see clear to the bottom if your chemical balance is correct.

What Does a Healthy Pool Make? Colour or Temperature?

Simple answer? Neither!  People imagine that a ‘blue pool’ is a healthy pool but in actual fact, a healthy pool is a clear pool.

The final word on pool colour vs water temperature is: whether you tint your water or paint the walls dark to up the temperature or use pale paint to drop the temperature, to be a healthy pool, the water must be crystal clear. End of story!

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