Let’s be honest – investing in a new swimming pool isn’t a small thing. The costs involved, choosing the right design, and the upheaval of having the pool contractor in your space are just some of the challenges that you will face.

We all agree that doing your homework before committing to a pool contractor is vital. But, what should you be looking for?

What questions should you ask before hiring a pool contractor?

Well actually, there is just one. It all comes down to references.

Sounds simple, right? Well actually it’s not a case of just asking for pictures and maybe a telephone number of a person that you can chat to about the quality of their work. Why not try this approach: Ask them how many pools they have installed so far this year. Most pool contractors will be thrilled to give you some numbers which make him and his company look great.
Your next question should be: Can I see your reference list from these installations?

At this point you can do some simple sums. If your pool contractor installed 10 swimming pools, but can only give you a reference for 5, then you can assume a 50% satisfaction rate. Is that good enough for you?

Some say that this sounds too simplistic, and that some people don’t want to give references or be contacted about a job. But ask yourself, when you have received great service, and you are thrilled with the result – especially with a big purchase – don’t you generally tell people about it? Most people are happy to sing the praises of a company who have given great customer service, and who have done a good job.

What if the pool contractor refuses to give references? Well, we say, “Walk away.” An honest contractor is a transparent one, and you may have just dodged a bullet by going with someone who is happy to prove their worth.

PoolSpa has been around for decades, and we have a solid track record in installing quality swimming pools, ponds, fountains and water features. We’d love to give you our references. Visit our website at www.poolspa.co.za today.