What’s Happening in the World of Pool Design in 2019?

Like 40 is the new 30, in 2019 one’s backyard in sunny South Africa is now the new living room because swimming pools are no longer just for swimming, they are for lounging and socialising. This year we can expect trending pool designs to be both fresh and exciting with the possibility of older trends making a comeback.

Modern Marvels

With more people becoming environmentally conscious, many homeowners are looking for a more natural vibe to emanate calm lagoons and the sea when it comes to their swimming pools. This look is being achieved by replacing the good old favourite white and light blue colour schemes with darker finishes for a more cutting-edge style.

For homeowners who work hard and play hard, mosaic tiles offer reduced time in pool maintenance. While these recycled glass or ceramic pool jewels may be slightly more expensive at the outset, the low-maintenance and reduced pool chemical costs make it all worth it in the long run.

On the subject of spending less time on maintenance and more time on fun, when it comes to current trending pool designs, Smart Pools are on the rise. These are pools that have such fabulous things as in-floor cleaning which cleans the pool’s surface with no effort from a human being.

Because not everybody necessarily loves swimming as much as they may prefer to soak up the sunshine and take an occasional dip to cool off, a new trend in swimming pool construction is the tanning or sun shelf. This wide ledge situated at the shallow end of the pool is great for anyone who mostly wants to sunbathe or just hang out and dip their toes.

Trending pool designs have even considered the homeowner with less backyard space and those also living in smaller places such as a townhouse. An excellent alternative for the full-size thing is an oversized spa or a spool is like a functional outdoor feature

Retro Comebacks

The classic rectangle may still be the most popular shape for concrete pools, but trending pool designs this year might see the kidney-shaped pool having a resurgence making the 1970’s design cool again.

Don’t be surprised to see a few diving boards or springboards making a comeback too, in a kind of mid-century revival. When used correctly, this add-on accessory can bring tons of extra fun for friends and family.  

Another blast from the past set to make a splash in 2019 is the swim-up bar, the ultimate feature in swimming pool luxury only now more elaborate with sunk-in outdoor kitchens built on the outside edge of the pool complete with overhanging counter-tops and in-pool bar stools.

If your pool needs an upgrade in line with modern trending pool designs, Pool Spa has knowledgeable and friendly staff who can provide you with the best advice. Chat to one of our experts today.