Those who don’t yet have a backyard swimming pool often crave for at least a small pool to cool off in on a hot summer’s day. All you really need is just enough space to squeeze one in.

When it comes to pool designs for small yards it shouldn’t be a challenging affair and space shouldn’t be a constraint with a little imaginative ingenuity and creativity.

Whether it’s for your health and fitness or for a recreational ‘staycation’, you will soon discover how much such a tiny wonder can change your life.

Pool Designs to Ponder

The advantage of a small pool is that it is economical to operate, is easier to clean and maintain and it also has the ability to be heated more effectively should that be something you are keen on.

Classic Design

Pool designs, large or small, should seem like an extension of your home. Since many modern homes adopt a clean design with straight lines and cubic forms, build your small pool to match. You could also shape a deck to act as a transitional zone between your home and the pool.

The classic rectangular pool, even a small one, will still give you the satisfaction of having a beautiful pool in your backyard. You can start with one as small as 3m X 6m. And, if you love the classic design but want to spice it up a bit, add a contemporary waterfall water feature.

Curvy Contours

If you’re not a conformist by any stretch of the imagination, there are plenty of other more creative pool designs to explore beyond the rectangle. Consider a circular pool, a semi-circular design or even something in an irregular shape with twists and turns. Curves are sexy in the world of small pools. Think natural stone to mimic a tropical resort. The addition of the right lighting will finish it off perfectly by adding just the right amount of dreamy ambience.

Take a Plunge

Still not convinced on how to get the maximum usage out of your small space? Plunge pools require very little square footage because they rely on depth rather than width and length. While a plunge pool may remind you of the Jacuzzi you may have been considering, the former is somewhat easier to maintain and are better for your health.

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