On those warm summer days when you’re happily sweeping and skimming your swimming pool, do you ever wonder why certain areas just seem to need more cleaning than others?

Often this is partly due to your automatic pool cleaner which chugs its way around the floor and walls but always seems to miss a spot here or there. Another reason may be that your pool jets could do with some adjusting. 

The purpose of pool jets

Those small round holes which push water out are not simply there for the occasional back massage – although there’s no denying they’re great for that. 

Rather, pool jets serve to do what nature can’t in your swimming pool, and that’s to keep the water moving. Moving water won’t stagnate, so a constant flow is a good thing. 

When you consider that the chemicals that you put in your pool need to reach every nook and cranny, then you see the further benefits of properly installed pool jets. Imagine throwing in a few cups of acid and having it sink to the bottom of the pool and stay there. Not much good to anyone, you’ll agree.

Have you noticed those little directional nozzles on the pool jet? These are smart additions to assist in directing the water flow. Obviously, you want to keep the water moving toward the intake area and one would angle the nozzle down and towards the general intake area to direct the flow. Considering though, that most of us have a Kreepy or another automatic pool cleaner running for several hours in a day, this serves as the water collection device and will suck up and agitate the water as it goes. 

If you have dead zones in your pool which are tricky to clean, or you find that your pool chemicals are distributed as they should be, please feel free to give the Pool Spa team a call. We operate throughout the Gauteng area and offer service contracts as well as a host of products to keep your pool clean and sparkling.