So, we all know that swimming pools are the great conundrum; great for kids, perfect for sundowners, and a total pain to keep clean! Indeed, pool maintenance is not the best way to spend your sunny Saturday.

As your local swimming pool specialists, we’d like to whisper in your ear and offer a few time-saving and frankly, surprisingly, tips to keeping you in the water, not cleaning it.

While these won’t completely eliminate the need for a good scrub and the right pool chemicals, it will definitely make the load lighter.

Maintain Your Chemical Balance – Pay Less

A sparkling swimming pool is all about finding the right balance. You may have gone out and bought some specialised products – among which would be an Alkalinity Increaser? Sound familiar? Next time you’re at the shop pick up a box or two of baking soda. This is a far cheaper option and does the same thing – although you may want to check on dosage amounts for your sized pool.

Easy Pool Maintenance ≠ Dogs

As much as we love our furry friends, allowing your dogs in the pool creates a whole mess of extra work for you. Ignoring the dirt, dust and debris on their feet and coat for a second, your dogs will shed an enormous amount of hair into your pool. Doggy hair will block up your filters faster than you can say “fuzzball” and if not regularly cleaned, can put a strain on your pool’s kidneys.

Keep the Outside, Outside

While we generally focus on the clarity of the water and the state of the walls and stairs, some pool owners forget about the coping and tiles around the pool. Keeping these well-maintained and free from debris automatically decreases the amount of dirt that ends up in your water. It’s also worth paying attention to the waterline itself, and giving that a weekly wipe-down. This is where you’ll find an interesting collection of suntan cream, oils, and other grime. Wipe it away and it doesn’t end up in your water when the family come home.

Pool maintenance doesn’t have to be a headache. If you’re loving your pool but hating the extra work, then we’ll happily take it off your hands. Contact one of our friendly Pool Spa staff today.