The answer is “Yes”! The question? Should you paint your pool? Without doubt. You know you’re the butt of every comment by family and friends if your swimming pool is anything but sparkling blue at this time of the year. That ideal is not just achieved by treating the water, the state of your pool paint could be a breeding ground for algae.

Pool Painting Pros – there are no cons

  • Cleaner pool walls for longer
  • Freedom from black algae – forever
  • Easier maintenance – creepy-crawler-cleaners love smooth surfaces
  • Pleasing swimming experience for bathers – no abrasive surfaces


Paint Picking Pointers

  • Water-based acrylic pool paint – very tempting because it has such a fast-drying time but it only lasts a year or two and can’t be used on fibreglass or gunite.
  • Rubber- based pool paint – best used if the pool was previously painted with it. It has a 2 – 4-year lifespan and great abrasion and chemical resistance.
  • Epoxy pool paint – top of the range with a 7 – 10-year lifespan. Epoxy paint can go over pools painted previously with other coatings as well as on newly constructed surfaces.


Paint Preparation Procedures

  • Drain out the water – of course, you’re going to save it right? Hire a portable storage tank if needed, no excuses.
  • Use a power hose to wash the pool walls and floor – take this step seriously. The end result will have a lot to do with how well this part of the procedure went. You’re looking for ultra clean, not a quick fix.
  • Repair any cracks or suspected leak points that appear.
  • Ascertain what paint you need – this depends on what paint was used before – hopefully, you know, or can find out. Otherwise, ask the paint store if there’s a suitable epoxy paint that will adhere and provide a smooth finish.
  • Take your pool measurements with you to purchase your paint and they’ll tell you how much you need. Paint with a sheep’s wool roller if it’s an epoxy- don’t be shy to pop the roller onto a broom handle to make the job a breeze. Hopefully, you get it right with two coats. While we’re sure you’ll pick a sunny day, don’t stress if the wind blows leaves onto the wet paint – you can simply sand that off after each coat dries.
  • You’re looking at about 5 days to a week drying time before you refill with your stored water. Add tap water to the right level, treat and you’re done. Send pictures to your friends and organise a pool party.

If you’re painting your pool this summer, and you feel as though you might need some advice to come and chat with us at Pool, Spa and Filtration Supplies.