Have you ever stood beside a waterfall while out on a hike, or watched the sparkling jets of water shooting out of a water feature in a park? Somehow, there is magic in moving water and it captivates us – soothing our souls and delighting our ears.

We can safely say that everyone loves the sight and sound of moving water, which is why more and more homeowners are including water spouts in their home swimming pools.

Why install a pool spout?

A pool simply does not have to be a square body of water with a jiggling Kreepy Krawly. If you are designing a pool or renovating an existing one, then why not add some pizazz with a pool spout? With a seemingly endless range of shapes, sizes and features, a pool spout adds a gorgeous design element to any swimming pool and turns a bland pool into a fluid work of art.

Whether you prefer a vertical sheet of falling water, a babbling rock pool, or a fountain feature, a pool spout is guaranteed to bring excitement and fun. The additional design element can add to the value of your home by adding that little something special.

Customised design to suit your space.

The type of pool and spout that you choose will depend largely on the style of your home, and of course, your budget. For example, if your property is on a slope and you are looking for a rustic and natural looking feature, then a gently flowing rock pool is ideal. A more formal home in a landscaped garden would suit a sheetfall or wet wall to complement the clean lines. If you are opting for a more laid-back Mediterranean look then fountains with sconces would be the perfect fit.

Of course, consideration needs to be given to the cost of a water feature. Not only would you need to look at the actual installation and setup costs, but you would need to factor in whether your pool spout will require an additional pump, how much electricity would be required to run the pump(s), would this affect the evaporation of water in your pool which would require more frequent top-ups, and how much maintenance would it require?

You would also want to contemplate whether the noise of the falling water would be a problem. For example, a rock waterfall would produce a fairly loud gushing sound which is perfect to drown out traffic noise, for instance, but wouldn’t be ideal for a quiet evening around the braai.

Whatever your requirements are, we know that the fascination of a beautiful water feature in your swimming pool will be something for the family to enjoy for years to come. And we’d love to be able to offer you our services. Please give one of our friendly team a call and let us bring life to your pool.