Remember that fresh scent in the air after the first spring rains? That’s ozone, we’re smelling and its undeniably sweeter than chlorine. In fact, the word comes from the Greek ozein, meaning “to smell”. Starting as far back as 1893, ozonised air has been used in drinking water treatment plants and there are now over 2000 such plants worldwide. Since the early 50’s ozone has been used for spas and swimming pools in leading European countries and the US joined in from 1975.

The Low-Down on Ozone Water Treatment

There are three issues any pool sanitizer has to see to. It needs to disinfect, oxidize and control algae. It is of interest to note that most of the chlorine in pools is used up in oxidation. Ozone equipment takes up that burden completely.

There are an alarming 700 organic products and swimmer wastes in our pools. Ozone water treatment blitzes the lot. Once ozone has done its job of oxidation it reverts back to oxygen, which is great for the water. It tastes great smells wonderful and makes the water sparkle.

Today, pool and spa owners can avail themselves of ozone and UV water sanitising systems sophisticated enough to have options of lowering chlorine levels to a minimum just to see to varying demands or eliminating the use of chlorine altogether, especially in domestic size pools.

With an efficient injection and mixing system in a normal temperature pool, you only need 1-2 grams of ozone per hour for perfect ozone water treatment. Industry shifts are seeing pool pumps running for longer periods at lower rpms. This means less time for the pool water to lie stagnant, more time in the pipes where the ozone is injected and more time for circulation to sanitise it. With low-flow systems, treating water with ozone and UV, in combination with salt (in greatly reduced quantity) means a having a system that is less expensive to operate and more effective in sanitization.

In short, although chlorine does a good job, its side effects do not. Olympic pools may not use it. Ozone water treatments in combination or as stand-alone units are delivering fabulously clean pools and managing sanitization with zero side-effects. Make a plan to bring these benefits to your family pool as soon as possible.

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