No need for money shortage to make holidays a thing of the past. Families the world over are opting for staycations and they’re loving every minute. There are many ideas for creating the right environment for a successful holiday at home but it goes without saying that swimming pools are a great start. Winter is no excuse either because warming swimming pool water can be done virtually for free.

Here are some ideas to create an inviting ambience for holidays at your own poolside – the ideal staycation location:

Fall and Winter Poolside staycations ideas:

First; you’ll want to organise to warm the pool water – no sweat. Read our blog article on smart ways to do so. The easiest and most fun way is to buy colourful Hula-Hoops and make ‘lily pad’ effect water warmers by attaching the black plastic to each one and inviting the whole family to fling them onto the pool surface after each swim during the poolside staycation event.

Second; use the Fall a.k.a. Autumn period to get some braziers to place at strategic points – safety first, décor second. Home-made ones are dead easy if you’re happy to use braced chicken fencing to house the wood and coals in a tubular feature. Once the swimming is over, the party won’t die if there are warm fires, besides the inevitable braai, to huddle around. Staycations must be a beautiful, repeatable experience for those of you with swimming pools in the yard.

Third; because you’re advocating chilly nights more or less outdoors when possible, tube lights or fairy lights in the garden and hanging from surrounding trees will go a long way to giving a festive and warm vibe.

Fourth; family vacations are often marked by a particular song or two that set a holiday mood and quickly bring happy times back to mind. Have speakers placed near enough to the pool so that you can create that same happy memory for your poolside staycations. Ask for input from all the family members – likely some compromises will have to be made as to genre!

Lastly, invite friends to join you. Why hog all the fun!


Spring and Summer poolside staycation ideas:

So, the lily pad hula-hoops will be packed away for the next Winter and now’s the time to create Summer magic.

First; what about floating candle creations? The whole family can get involved in a project to make them safe, effective and pretty. Flowers and candles look great together and staycation magic is assured.

Second; spend a bit obtaining sturdy sun umbrellas – preferable those heavy-duty kinds that stand on firm cement bases. The sun is now the enemy, so arrange total shade over a section of the pool, so the ladies can linger in the water with the babies and small children.

Third; If suitable, set up a net halfway across the pool for fabulous games of water volleyball. If you have an odd shape, play a version of touch rugby – lasts for hours and is endless fun. A Staycation championship can be organised among the children’s friends and for sure, everyone will want to be with you for your poolside staycations.

Fourth; this is optional of course, but there’s nothing like reading on vacations, so encourage poolside time by having either floating blow-up chairs or something under the brolly where feet can be hung into the water at the same time – this is a sure hit for the holiday feeling.

In short, staycations could outdo vacations in so many ways. Poolside parties all year round can turn your investment into a knock-on money saver. With a little innovation and careful planning, staycation ideas will have the whole family begging to stay home rather than slugging off in the car for hours and hours of driving to reach a destination that may not ever be as comfortable and relaxing as being at your own home, entertaining at your won poolside. Roll on staycation time!

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