Choreographed Water Fountain

The brief was given to design a unique entrance fountain, activated upon arrival of guests to welcome them to the facility. The client wanted something that would explode with an impressive water display that was lit by bright lights at night, the water dancing to a choreographed program.

We designed and built two water features, one each side of the gate having forty-five jets each, pushing water higher than three meters from the pond surface. The feature is activated by a sensor as a vehicle approaches the gates, the water then dancing at different heights using sophisticated variable speed motor controlled fountain technology. The LED lights are programmed to come on in sync with the water once the sun sets.

After entering the resort you are welcomed by a long walkway feature of cascading water in ponds of different depths, some with subtle blue LED lit foam jets. This walkway leads you to a reception area, where we designed a Koi pond to fit the architectural style of the new building, with water cascading over high granite-clad walls.

The brief was completed with the design and construction of a long waterfall that cascades water over a high riven clad wall. This feature was constructed at the end of the parking lot, adjacent to the reception area which lends a calming and soothing effect to the surroundings.