Musical Fountain Installation

Pool Spa Filtrations Musical fountain installation

Waterfall City, to be true to its name, needed a waterfall. Not just any waterfall, but a multi-functional space for children to splash around in during the day, and a music and light extravaganza area for couples and families to enjoy in the evening.

Pool Spa & Filtration Contracts designed an upgradable, interchangeable and multi-setting solution. The day time choreography creates joy and excitement as children are momentarily captured within water-walls or caught unaware by spurts of water from the jets.

The true spectacular is viewed after sunset, as lighting variations intensify and jets create a water ballet, synchronised with the sound track and building with the crescendos. Enabling song selection through the Mall of Africa smart phone application is a unique feature designed by the Pool Spa technical team, bringing global excellence to the appreciative, local audience.