So, you’re thinking of building a swimming pool? That’s awesome news and those of us who have access to a sparkling pool to while away those sultry summer days will be nodding vigorously in agreement.

The next question you should be asking yourself is, “Which pool design will suit my needs best?”

How Big Can I Go?

If you have a huge garden, then this isn’t a problem for you. The only factor is the upkeep of a super-sized pool in terms of chemicals, maintenance, and water and electricity usage. However, if space is limited then the size of your pool will be your first consideration.

What Shape Suits My Family?

A rectangular or oval shape is traditionally the most practical and offers the length for laps or training, as well as the space and depth for a bunch of overexcited kiddies. If space is limited, then an L-shape will serve a similar purpose, still allowing a longer section for more serious water-based pursuits.

Freeform pools are perfect if you would like to work around natural features in your garden, and if the aesthetic is more important to you than training for the Olympics. These curvilinear designs offer a gentle slope into the water which is great for little children who like to splash in the shallows and ideal for grown-ups with a Martini and a bikini.

Where Can I Put My Pool?

Ideally, a swimming pool which is a few meters from the entertainment section of our home is ideal. Some gardens may be steep or an odd shape, which means the pool has to be further from the house. While this may be practical, it’s often not ideal when you want to keep an eye on the small people. In this case, you may want to consider a splash pool in a deck which would get more use.

Consider, too, the amount of space you have around your pool area. A good sized paved area around the pool will reduce debris and grass getting into the water and allow everyone to have enough space to interact safely.

Pool Safety

Whatever pool you choose, current legislation says that it needs to be safe. So, a pool net or a surrounding fence needs to be factored into the design and budgeted for.

Our team at Pool Spa are all about practical design and creating beautiful spaces for families. Why not chat with one of our friendly staff today?