Air Compressor ACD 12 Volt

Air Compressor ACD 12 Volt


  • Driven by high quality DC permanent-magnet motor, the piston moves reciprocally in the cylinder up and down & produces air flow that is large in output and high in pressure
  • Non oil lubricating design to produce cleaner compressed air
  • Adopt SF3 new type wearable material for the cylinder and piston
  • The case is made of aluminium alloy, it is small in size, quick in heat dissipation and easy to move
  • The unit has dual functionality as an air compressor and vacuum pump
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MODEL ACO-003D ACO-006 ACO-006D ACO-007
Output 55L/min 100L/min 80L/min 140L/min
Power 25 W 75W 35W 130W
Voltage DC 12 V DC 12 V DC 12 V DC 12 V
Pressure >0.06Mpa >0.08Mpa >0.08Mpa >0.10Mpa

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Air Compressor 12V

ACD003, ACD006, ACD006D, ACD007