OASE Filtral Pond Filter

OASE Filtral Pond Filter



  • Suitable for ponds up to 3.0m³
  • An all-rounder with filter function, fountain, and aeration nozzle (aeration nozzle included in the scope of delivery starting with Filtral UVC 3000)
  • Including OASE Clear Water Guarantee
  • The pump for attractive fountains is already integrated
  • Height-adjustable fountain attachment for adapting to individual water depths
  • Adjustable T-piece for operating spouts and small watercourses
  • Individual adjustment of flow rate and fountain height
  • Set up completely under water—the appearance of the pond remains undisturbed
  • Visual function check of the UVC clarifier
  • Included in the scope of delivery: 3 fountain attachments for different water patterns


Sets Underwater filter UVC Power Suitable for pond (with plants) volume in m3 Suitable for pond (with fish stock up to 1KG/1000 (no koi)) volume in m3
Filtral UVC 1500 Filter integrated 5 W (UVC Integrated 1.50 0.07
Filtral UVC 3000 Filter integrated 9 W (UVC Integrated 3.00 1.50
Filtral UVC 6000 Filter integrated 11 W (UVC Integrated 6.00 3.00


The Oase Filtral Pond Filter is the next generation of internal pond filters for wildlife ponds and Goldfish ponds. These fully redesigned filters include an integrated pump, filter and UVC and can be completely hidden in a pond.

This efficient and integrated pond filter provides clear and healthy water, are easy to install and have a choice of outflow connections. Small in size but large in features, these complete filter units incorporate both medium and fine grade foam for mechanical filtration, which is followed by ceramic and plastic media for biological filtration. The top quality construction and easy to open clips mean cleaning and maintenance of this product is quick and simple, and the inclusion of a simple UV indicator is a reassuring confirmation of the functioning of the UV light.

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OASE Filtral Pond Filter

OASE Filtral 1500, OASE Filtral 3000, OASE Filtral 6000