Oase Nozzle Foam Jet

Oase Nozzle Foam Jet


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• Lively, high contrast water pattern
• Highly compact white foam jet
• Rich air mixture

The OASE foam spray and foam spring nozzles, in contrast to Cascade and Geiser, function independently from the water level. Changes in the water level have no effect on the water pattern. When a water feed runs into the basin, for stepped pools or fountain installations with a lower water reservoir, this nozzle type has a wide field of applications, since return valves, which are often troublesome, are unnecessary here. Due to the high quantity of air that is mixed in, a voluminous water effect is achieved with a relatively small quantity of water. This makes the foam jet very soft, highly compact and exceptionally foamy. It stands out, highly contrasted against its surroundings.

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Oase Nozzle Foam Jet

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