During winter, pools will often be neglected. Even if you have a pool cover to protect from the debris that falls, you might still fall victim to a green and murky pool. Pool maintenance is of high importance if you do not want to spend lots of unnecessary money on fixing common problems. If you are able to follow these basic tips, you will not always have to call on the professionals to get rid of all of the grime:

  1. Daily duties: when your pool cover is off, you will need to conduct some duties every few days. This includes skimming the top of the pool for any debris that may have fallen. You can do this easily by using a pool net. This process will not take too much time out of your day and will ensure that you have a safe, clean pool. After all, there is nothing worse than swimming in a pool that is filled with leaves and bugs!
  2. Creepy crawly: one of the best investments that you can make for your pool is purchasing a creepy crawly. This machine will suck up any debris and grime that has fallen to the bottom. You can put it on a timer so that it only turns on at certain times throughout the day or night. The creepy crawly comes with a basket that will need to be cleared out once every few days.
  3. Pool sock: another great invention for decreasing the amount of debris is the pool sock. It is attached to one of the pump holes and creates a current so as to draw in heavy debris.
  4. Brush it down: the creepy crawly, although effective, cannot reach all of the corners of your pool. Purchasing a pool brush and brushing the sides of the pool at least once a week will stop the build-up of algae. This job does require some elbow grease, but it is necessary if you want to have a clean and safe pool for the entire family.
  1. Back wash: back washing your pool is necessary, especially if it is green. It will help to get rid of the dirty water and will give you the opportunity to fill up with clean water. Also remember to keep an eye on the water levels during the summer months. Pool water can evaporate quickly when the weather is hot and will need to be topped up.
  2. Cleaning products: using chlorine will help to keep the pH level at the right place. Purchasing a pH kit will help you to test the water if necessary.

Thankfully, you can keep your pool in tip top shape all year round by implementing the correct maintenance skills.

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