After a busy day of work or chores, there’s a good chance that you’re looking forward to a wonderfully refreshing dip in your swimming pool – especially as the temperatures start to soar. 

However, one warm day after another may have rendered your pool less than refreshing and you may be sitting in what feels like a disappointing luke-warm bath. That will never do!

You’ll be relieved to know that there are some simple ways to cool down your pool; some will require a little forward planning and others just a little common sense. 

How to cool down your pool

Add ice

Okay, we know that this may seem an odd place to start but bear with us. If you have access to a relatively cheap source of ice then dumping it in your pool will cool it down and top it up at the same time. If your swimming pool is enormous, this may not have the desired effect, but can certainly make a difference to smaller pools. 

Trim the bushes

Did you know that as the wind moves across the water it cools it down? That being said, if you have a lot of shrubbery around your pool that reduces the wind action on the water, then get chopping. More wind across the surface equals a lower temperature.

Add a water fountain

Moving water is cooler water. A water fountain will not only look great but will cool the water as it aerates it. 

Shade the pool

An awning or umbrella which throws shade on the pool may not cool it down but will prevent it from heating up as much as it would under the full might of the blazing sun. 

Reversible heat pumps

Not everyone has a reversible heat pump as they can be a little costly, but if you do, then a flick of the switch will cool the pool water while you sleep.

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