Speaking to those who have owned both light and dark coloured pools, we find that besides personal taste, there were some reasons why one or the other was preferred.

The Light Swimming Pool Colour

If you’re in an area favouring hot summers, a lighter coloured pool will keep the water cooler. Light pool colour discourages the growth of algae, which is quite a plus.

Light blue pool owners declare their pool always looked clean and inviting – sparkling even, they said- and we wouldn’t argue with that. Many love the lighter beach-island feel that pale coloured water calls to mind.

The Dark Swimming Pool Colour

Living in colder climates, a dark swimming pool colour does keep the water warmer and more pleasant to swim in for longer in the season.

Some achieve the ocean feel when swimming in a darker coloured pool. Nothing like setting for to the imagination and recall the grandeur and mightiness of swimming in the big blue sea.

A darker swimming pool bottom doesn’t show the dirt as much so, if you need that disguised more often than you’d like to admit, don’t be shy to have yourself a handsome dark pool.

Somewhere Between

Finally, who’s to say we can’t have a two-tone pool? What about lighter sides and dark bottom? This feature can distort depth perception though so, a couple of strategically placed tile mosaics can solve that issue. That would make sense if all that needed to be weighed in the balance were family members favouring different shades.

These days there are shimmer coloured pools that look absolutely fairy-tale fabulous. There is always a way to please everybody so that, whether light or dark or anywhere in between our family and friends will love spending time together in our beautiful ‘shades of blue’ swimming pool.