If you don’t have the wonderful benefit of a swimming pool at home during these crazy hot summer days, then you’re probably more than a little sad. After all, sun and weekend braais go hand-in-hand with splashing about in cool, fresh water.

The thing is if you don’t have enough money to install an in-ground swimming pool – or if you’re renting a house – then you still have the option of an above-ground pool.

We’re not talking about a little plastic blow-up puddle here. No, above-ground pools have evolved into a pretty decent option.

What are your options?

Above-Ground Pool Options

Steel framed pools with a hardy liner offer a lightweight option that is one of the cheapest variations available.

You may also prefer a resin-frame which is a little more expensive but has a few benefits to set it apart. For example, resin is weather-resistant and won’t corrode in our bipolar South African climate.

If you want something with a little more personality, you may want to look at semi in-ground pools. Rigid swimming pool molds that come in a variety of shapes and sizes are a great middle-ground choice. They look like the real thing, can be partially installed on a slope, and will give you years of dedicated service.

Above-ground pools can be positioned on any flat surface, including a deck or patio if it will carry the weight. They are considerably cheaper than traditional in-ground pools and don’t cost as much to maintain.

The downside? Well, they’ll kill the grass wherever you position them. And the cheaper ones come in limited shapes and sizes.

Whatever your final decision, chat with the Pool Spa team who can help you with the chemicals and pool accessories that you need to keep your pool clean and hygienic for your family summer fun.