The next time you find yourself in a shopping mall. Pause for a moment, observe the variety of people. Each mall-going experience has many different intentions.

It’s not something you notice when you’re distracted by all the glittering store-fronts. But, shopping malls have non-commercial spaces too. Fountains in malls, along with strategically placed benches offer respite to the weary mall-goer.

Not everyone ventures to a mall to shop. Early on, you might find a group of senior citizens getting some exercise together in the hallways. Later in the day, you’d probably see teenagers meandering, catching up with friends.

Malls create a melting pot, a microcosm of society. A sense of community, a free public space.

Why the Water?

What purpose do fountains in malls serve? Other than looking fancy, architects and developers design such sanctuaries for a reason.

Water is soothing. The refreshing, restorative properties associated with water bring a sense of calming relief. Having fountains in malls creates an oasis for patrons to linger a little. A useful place to recuperate so that you can carry on shopping. Or, to chill out and pass the time.

They’re a convenient rendezvous point for friends, colleagues, or parents. A landmark in the commercial wilderness: “meet me at the fountain.”

Fountains in malls create an attractive sound, a damper to the bustling noise of people. When you sit next to a fountain, you don’t hear much besides the trickling and dipping of water droplets splashing against each other.

Who will you find near a fountain? Imagine a few stereotyped examples of people who’d find refuge in the sanctuary of a fountain.

There’s the stressed-out mom with a trolley, opening a bag of crisps for her child. A casual group of teenagers sits around the fountain’s edge, eating soft serves. Further along, you’ll notice a senior citizen reading a newspaper. And, a corporate agent sending a text, killing time between appointments.

More Fountains in Malls

These days, safe public spaces are hard to find. In a commercial world, earthly elements get paved over and given a synthetic polish. But, we all find relief, grounding for our souls in naturally occurring beauty.

Fountains are a small way of bringing the outdoors into our lives. Shopping spaces and patrons will benefit from including more fountains in malls.

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