Yes, we love the simple things in life – a swimming pool, a braai, and some family time. However, there is definitely room for tech when it comes to smart pool monitoring systems.

For those of us that are more than a little bored of testing our pool water and adding a drop of this and a cup of that, wireless pool sensor technology has come knocking.

Smart Pool Monitoring

Of course, larger pools or spas in public spaces certainly warrant the investment of a commercial pool monitoring system. But if you have something smaller, you can still benefit from smart tech.

Here’s how it works.

Your wireless pool sensor floats in the water like the traditional chlorine dispenser, small and unobtrusive. The device uses pre-set algorithms to determine the chemical balances of the water and sends this information straight to your smartphone.

A simple user interface allows you to check water temperature and chemical levels at a glance, in real-time.

Depending on the make of the pool monitoring device, you may be sent notifications if something is amiss, where you can quickly check and rectify the potential problem.

In some cases, AI stores the data and can offer predictions of what to prepare for in the weeks and months ahead, while also storing historical data for reference.

Smart, don’t you agree?

Let’s face it, we’re busy people. We don’t always have time to perform the necessary TLC on our pools. Testing, or calling in the professionals to test our pool water is tedious. Deciphering what our moody pool needs based on the changing colour of a small vial can be pure guesswork.

So, if this can all be done for us and the speculation taken out of the situation, then we’re all happy pool owners.