The chemistry of pool water is quite complicated. It’s not something we often think about when we’re swimming in, or lounging by, our pools, but our pool water is affected by pH, water temperature and many other factors.

If your pH is not right, and your pool water becomes too acidic, this can have a corrosive effect on pool cleaners, surface finishes and other features in your pool. Chlorides, which are produced as a by-product of the disinfecting process, are also highly corrosive.

Indoor pools, such as those in gyms and spas, tend to be heated, as is the ambient air around them. Higher water temperatures increase the evaporation of water and the chemicals in it, which can significantly accelerate corrosion.

For these reasons, it’s really important to make sure you choose high-quality pool fittings that will withstand the corrosive atmosphere of your pool.

Stainless Steel Pool Ladders

Ladders are an important feature in pools that don’t have steps to facilitate getting in and out safely. They need to be strong and able to withstand the corrosive atmosphere of salt or chlorine, which is why stainless steel pool ladders really are your best choice. Stainless steel is an iron-based alloy containing a minimum of 11% chromium. The chromium-rich oxide that forms naturally on stainless steel is what gives it its high corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel is also popular for pools because of its hygienic properties. It’s extremely easy to clean, meaning algae, bacteria and viruses are easily removed. It also needs very little maintenance and offers great design flexibility.

Stainless steel pool ladders are attractive to look at and, although they may be a little more expensive than ladders made from other materials, are often the most cost-effective in the long term as they won’t degrade or rust.

At Pool Spa & Filtration Supplies, we supply three, four and five step stainless steel pool ladders in 304 and 316 Stainless Steel. Take a look at our range here, or contact us to find out more.