Nothing beats a warm, breezy afternoon by the pool. Cocktail in hand, a great book for passing the time away and you’re in summer heaven. All you need are the perfect shades to keep those rays at bay.

We’re not talking about that cool pair of sunglasses you’re wearing to shield your eyes; this my friend, is what you need to perk up your pool area and throw shade in all the right places.

When you’re not in the water, it’s the perfect spot for a couple of loungers to keep you cool and catch some Zs. Whether you’re working on your outdoor decor or considering revamping, we hope these ideas offer some inspiration.

Shade sails seem to be all the rage in the 2023 products catalogue for pool must-haves. These tend to sit at an angle offering bathers the right amount of shade and sunlight.

A permanent umbrella sounds like the obvious choice here, right? Let’s steer away from those cement bases that weigh more than an eight-year-old. Cantilevers can be a stylish addition to your home, giving you the flexibility of moving them around. Then, there are permanent umbrellas that ooze contemporary vibes. These umbrellas use a sizable, deeply buried concrete footing making them dependable fixtures that are durable and strong in the face of stormy weather.

A pergola with soft, flowing curtains is not only visually stunning, it creates an intimate space for romance. Decked out in loungers, comfy chairs and a table, these outdoor features are perfect mood setters for an afternoon of relaxation.

If you’re in need of something functional with a simple design, a retractable awning might just be what you’re looking for. They cost a bit more than the rest but what this means for you is control over how much cover you want. You might have furniture you need protected when you’re not using the space, and that’s when a retractable awning and its water-resistant canvas cover comes in handy.

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