With more children lost to drowning than to car accidents, we all understand the importance of swimming pool safety and that we need to remain vigilant at all times. Thankfully, tech once again comes to the rescue with some incredibly clever swimming pool alarms which can act as another set of eyes and ears for us parents.

As much as we try, we simply can’t be everywhere at once. And short of locking the kids in the house when we’re busy with another task we really need all the help we can get. Here are a few options.

The Pool Protector

This won’t save a life, but it will let you know as soon as something falls in the water. This robust weather resistant sensor sits on the side of the pool and is particularly sensitive to water disturbance. A remote base station indoors sounds an alarm at 100 decibels if the wave sensor is activated, and this sensor resets automatically after 90 seconds of inactivity. This clever little device runs on batteries and offers a low battery warning just to keep you on your toes.   

Take a few minutes to watch the video here.

Magnalatch Magnetic Pool & Child Safety Gate

This is a great early warning option with a diverse range of uses and allows parents to easily see or hear if the pool gate has been opened or has been left open.

MagnaLatch® ALERT, the world’s first and only combined gate latch and electronic alarm system. Now featuring dual electronic warnings: bright, flashing LED lights, and an audible alarm, the MagnaLatch ALERT models allow you to hear and see from a distance when a gate is left opened or unlatched – offering the ultimate security and protection for gates around swimming pools, homes, childcare centres, schools and wherever safety is critical.

“If the latch is opened and/or gate is left unlatched, the new visual alarm gives a visual warning with flashing LED lights, while the audible alarm beeps and turns into a full alarm after 15 seconds.”

Angel Alert

An excellent option for times when you’re not at home with your own swimming pool alarms in place, this little bracelet sounds an alarm when it is immersed in water. The mobile base station operates at distances of up to 150 feet (line of sight) and will trigger a 100-decibel alarm when your little one is in the water.

This option can be used at home or while you’re away and is well worth looking into.

More swimming pool alarms can be found here. Pool Spa would like to encourage you to explore your options fully and do your homework when it comes to the safety of your children. We don’t produce these alarms so cannot vouch for their quality, but we do want to make sure that you use every option available to you to keep your little people safe and happy.