Despite the fact that the swimming pool is a place of fun, there are several dangers that you should be aware of. Unfortunately, swimming pools are not the places of safety that everyone has thought them to be. There are hazards that the whole family needs to know about, especially as the summer months come by and the enthusiasm around swimming gathers.

One of the many dangers that swimming pools present comes in the form of their drains. Any good pool will have a good drainage system. These are usually discreetly covered, as there is a lot of suction force that is present at the sites of these drains. Sadly, this is where many accidents can happen. Should a drain cover become dislodged, the force is enough to pull a limb in, resulting in the affected person drowning.

This happened to a young child when he was swimming in a pool that had a dislodged drain cover. His arm got sucked into the drain and he drowned as no one was strong enough to get him loose. The tragedy is that he was a strong swimmer, but not strong enough to avoid the current that was created by the drain. You should make sure that your own home pool has got a drain cover, and that if you do visit a public pool, you tell your child to steer clear of any suspicious looking areas. 

What else should you watch out for? 

Along with drains being a problem, you also need to make sure that if you have a home pool, you take proper chemical care of it. The reason for this is that if the water has too few chemicals in it, it will become a breeding ground for amoeba and other harmful microorganisms. This is far from ideal considering that if any of these enter the body, they can cause some serious health problems.

If there are too many chemicals in your water and you swim before they have been evenly distributed, you might face some severe skin conditions, as well as some bodily harm. This is especially dangerous in the case of young children who swim unsupervised. Should your child be exposed to pool water that has been pumped too full of chemicals, seek medical attention immediately. The key is to find a balance when it comes to using chlorine in swimming pools.

Other basic safety precautions involve putting up a pool net and making sure that your children do not have access to the pool area without adult supervision present. So, this summer, when everyone is having fun in the sun, make sure that you and yours are having fun safely, without the dangers of the pool involved.

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