For most of us, that familiar “swimming pool smell” takes us right back to the happiest moments of our childhood. It reminds us of summer, holidays, and fun. That smell is chlorine.

Chlorine use has been the popular choice for decades. It is easy to use and handles the three main swimming pool issues: It sanitizes, oxidizes, and deters algae.

However, there are also distinct downsides to extensive chlorine use. Because it’s such a strong chemical, it reddens eyes, dries out skin and hair, and can cause allergic reactions in some swimmers.

The great news is that you do have other options. You can maintain your swimming pool using natural products – which will vastly reduce the amount of chlorine you need in your pool.

Copper Sulphate Algaecides

Copper sulphate algaecides can be used to control algae and improve water clarity. They will also vastly reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine-based products needed.

However, they do not control microorganisms and viruses, and you will still need to use a sanitizer. So you will still need some level of chlorine in the swimming pool water.


An ozone-generating device can be used effectively to reduce organic matter in a swimming pool. It converts oxygen into ozone: a great way to combat bacteria and viruses. It also goes a long way towards controlling algae.

Again, as with copper sulphate, ozone does not check all the boxes. You will still require a level of sanitizer for cleaning and effective algae control.

Some people have been battling for years with their swimming pools, and have tried every system on the market … but all with limited (if any) success.

And then it rains. Once again, your pool is pea-soup green.

It can be a challenge to keep your swimming pool water sparkling and inviting. Maintenance is an ongoing chore, and it can make even the most avid swimmers think twice about installing a pool.

It doesn’t have to be hard, though. It can actually be fun! And it doesn’t need to cost the earth – or damage the environment. At Pool Spa we have decades of experience in maintaining swimming pools – both residential and commercial. If you need some advice on chemical-free maintenance, then give us a call and we can help.

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