Are you struggling to keep your pool crystal clear throughout the varying seasons? Than you need to know all about swimming pool pump and filter maintenance. These two parts of your pool could be causing issues if they are not functioning properly.

It is extremely important to make sure that your swimming pool pump and filter are working properly. Both of them need to be maintained properly in order for you to avoid having a green pool. This is possible to achieve by knowing exactly what type of filter you have. Hopefully you do, but if you are not aware there are three different types of filters that can appear in pools:

  • Sand filters: these are made from metal, concrete or fiberglass and contain a thick bed of special grade sand. Pipes lead into the filter that will transport the water from the pool to the filter. Any debris that is heavy will be pulled down by gravity and caught in the sand particles. Then the clean water will continue to flow through. This sand will need to be changed once every 5 years so it is a great investment.
  • Cartridge filters: These filters have more surface area than that of the sand filter. There is a very fine filter surface that will capture any impurities that are passed through. They will remain here until you clean the filter cartridge or replace it. The cartridge will only need to be replaced every 3-5 years and is easy enough to maintain and clean by simply using a hose.
  • DE filters: DE stands for Diatomaceous Earth Filters. DE is a fine powder that if created by crushing the fossilized exoskeletons of diatoms. This powder is then used to cover the filter grid. The DE will go directly into the skimmer and the pump will put it in place to capture any of the contaminants in the water. In order to maintain this properly you will need to replace the DE and conduct a backwash once or twice a year.

The filter is certainly an important aspect of your pool that needs to be maintained properly regardless of which one you choose to install. You also need to take into consideration the effects on your swimming pool pump over time. One of the biggest issues that can affect your pump is the water level. If your water level in your pool is too low, it can cause the pump to burn out, while it is trying to create the water flow in the pool. On the other hand if the water is too high, it can also be put under pressure. Simply keeping an eye on your water level will make a major difference, you can either fill up your pool with a hose or do a backwash to get rid of the excess water.

Is it time to upgrade your filter and pump?

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