Enjoying a day out by the pool is standard during the warmer seasons. If you want to enjoy your pool to the fullest, you need to know the basic swimming pool safety tips. Negligence by the pool can lead to serious accidents and, in some cases, death.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ten people, on average, die every day as a result of drowning. In most cases, these people are young children. Having a swimming pool is still considered to be a luxury and those who do have them, need to follow swimming pool safety tips in order to ensure everyone’s’ safety.

These basic swimming pool safety tips will help to keep your family safe from injury:

  • Gate and fence: most people shy away from having a gated and fenced off swimming pool, because it is not aesthetically pleasing. It is, however, a necessity – especially if you have small children. Your kids will only have access to the pool if you open the gate for them. It will also stop them from falling in accidently when running around in the garden.
  • Pool cover: having a pool cover in conjunction with the fence and gate will add to your protection. Pool covers will help to keep your pool clean and free of debris. Were someone to fall into the pool, it should prevent them from going under the water.
  • Buddy system: never let your child or anyone else, for that matter, swim alone. Having two people in the pool at the same time will provide added safety. They will be able to keep an eye on one another and, if anything should happen, could call a parent or help in the meantime.
  • Safety equipment: even if your pool is in your home, you should still have safety equipment readily available. Lifesavers (the rubber rings) are easy to store and can be thrown out to aid the person in trouble.
  • First aid course: as a parent, it is your responsibility to look after the safety of your children. Having a basic first aid course behind your name will provide you with that extra bit of security. If a major emergency were to happen, you would be able to conduct CPR before paramedics get to your home. This could actually mean the difference between life and death in some circumstances.
  • Equip your children: if you have young children who have learnt how to swim, but are still not confident, provide them with arm bands, noodles and kicker boards. There are even some swimming costumes that have floating devices in them which you can remove as your child grows in swimming confidence.

These basic tips will help to ensure the safety of your family around the pool. In most cases, it will be best to seek the advice of the professionals before adding any of these aspects to your pool area.

Provide your pool with the necessary equipment

Here at Pool Spa & Filtration, we can provide you with the necessary equipment for your pool. Enjoy those long, hot summer months with crystal clear water and the knowledge that everyone can enjoy safe swimming with our options.