Thanks to the marvels of fibreglass swimming pool trends for 2020 are as inspiring as they are beautiful. A far cry from getting a digging machine in to excavate a massive cavity in your yard, today’s pools are elegant, stylish, multifunctional masterpieces of design. 

Do you have steeply sloping land? Or, want a pool closer to the house? No problem. 

Forget about extra engineering expenses to evaluate and excavate. There are new solutions that will see 2020 using swimming pools in a whole new way. Let’s look at some favoured options.

  • 2020 Swimming Pool Trend #1 – Reducing Energy & Maintenance

This is such a valid consideration in the light of water shortages and utility bill hikes. But you don’t have to give up on a dream pool for your family, or business or club. Automated cleaning and filtration systems today will save you time and money.

  • 2020 Swimming Pool Trend #2 – Shallower Pools

Gone are the days of ‘falling in the deep end’. The trend is an even-depth pool, just above waist height, so that people can play water sports and do water aerobics. This already lowers costs on construction and in water volume.

  • 2020 Swimming Pool Trend #3 – Pretty Lights

Aesthetics count in the harsh climate of the world around us. Something soothing and enriching to the soul goes a long way to warding off stress and strain. Smart lighting these days allows you so many options. As many colours as you’d like, pick them to suit the occasion. It’s like having the Northern lights at home in your own back yard.

  • 2020 Swimming Pool Trend #4 – Built-in Features

Take your pick: built-in spa’s that fit seamlessly into the pool design, or a tanning ledge, which is safe for the kids too, or water features like cascading waterfalls that provide that tranquil sound of running water, or tons of seating, which are great for learner divers too and the best of all? A built-in cocktail bar!

Spas, customized lap-length pools, rim-flow edges, water-sport friendly styles or built-in bar features, all aware of keeping costs down, is what 2020’s swimming pool trends encompass. 

Happy splashing.