While some back yards may pose rather a challenge with topography, the dream of installing a swimming pool on a slope is nevertheless still within reach.

For homeowners who have a genuine hill or sloping property and a relatively simple grading job is just not up to the task, some careful planning and engineering would be necessary because swimming pools should always be built on solid earth and never on top of fill dirt.

Other challenges that may present when installing a swimming pool on a slope will greatly depend on the engineering calculations for the degree of incline, soil type, the water table depth, hill drainage and the volume of earth.

While it may not necessarily be cheap or simple to build this addition to your investment, the upside of a sloping property is that it’s an opportunity to create something aesthetically extraordinary.

For hilly backyards, a popular method is to build a pool that is partially buried. This works well for both downward and upward slopes.

An infinity or vanishing edge pool with a catch basin below is ideal for a property that slopes away from your home. If your property has a lovely view, rather than building a solid wall on the far side, consider installing a glass one instead.

The addition of sculpted or shaped retaining walls built in natural stone, masonry or poured concrete is great for smaller lots or tight urban spaces. A few planter boxes built into terraced levels can help to soften hard lines and help channel drainage away from the pool.

With a sloping backyard, you could build a grotto-style spa into the hillside and combine it with a stone age slide for added fun.  Alternatively, an elevated hot tub with a hidden staircase connecting it to the pool level may be more your style.

If your hill is rather steep, you could build a spectacular water feature using terracing whereby the water cascades majestically down two or three terraced ledges into the pool below and is returned via a booster pump to repeat the cycle.

Raised seating, tanning ledges, waterfalls, creative landscaping and stunning lighting – the possibilities for building a swimming pool on a slope may only be limited by your imagination. And if you have the means, by all means.


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