Today there is a wonderful array of aquatic pond plants available. Smart selection means there is a strong possibility of having flowers blooming from different varieties all year round. If the pond, however, is to be a Koi pond, then whatever plants chosen, need to be placed in containers around the pond. Koi are essentially plant-eating fish! Secondly, plants, consume oxygen in the dark which makes it stressful for the fish who may be literally be gasping for air while you’re tucked up sleeping in bed.

Still, plants filter and clean the water, and the leafy varieties provide shade and shelter for fish. That means that planting with skill and thought, such problems can be accommodated and suitably circumvented. If the pond is large, however, a balance of some floating plants placed strategically in pots will do the trick.

Let’s introduce some of the most beautiful and popular pond plants:

  • The Golden Spectre a.k.a. Bloodroot; is among the taller variety, grown in clusters producing fabulous yellow flowers.
  • The Yellow Water Lily; grows on the water with pretty heart-shaped leaves and dainty yellow flowers – these pond plant beauties will need to be anchored in pots to the floor.
  • The Orange River Lily; also nice and tall and very handsome aquatic loving plant and is perfect for border definition.
  • River Stars; live up to their name. A recent release and gaining in popularity by the day. Slim leaves support delicate white star-shaped
  • The Cape Pond Weed a.k.a. Waterblommetjies; are the orchids of the aquatic pond plant family. Exceptionally pretty white flowers group together on oval leaves and grace the winter while other pond plants die back.
  • The Cape Blue Water Lily; is the untouched traditional queen of pond plants, unrivalled as to floral display and show quality. The flowers perch atop long, elegant stems and will do any pond feature proud.

There are illegals in the world of aquatic pond plants believe it or not – the Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce are illegal to have in or on any pond. But with such an exquisite selection of pond plants to choose, there’s no need to complain.