As with any art, a garden should be planned and designed. Why do we call a garden ‘art’? 

We believe that landscaping is an art; knowing how a water feature will fit into a space and how it can be enhanced with the right plants, how the right choice of pavers will work with the colour of the foliage, or even just understanding how the changing seasons will affect the garden during the year. 

This combination of knowledge and experience, combined with an eye for beauty, is certainly an art form.

Landscaping and Water Features

We also believe that no garden is complete without a water feature. 

In fact, our friends across the pond, Surround Landscaping, had this to say, “Water features can be used to create drama or tranquillity in the garden. 

“Moving water, such as waterfalls, rills or fountains, energizes the outdoor environment with sound and movement. 

Still water, such as an aquatic garden or koi pond, brings the feeling of quiet and calm. Given that much of the sensory experience of a garden is visual, garden fountains are unique in that they combine visual interest with the element of natural sound.”

Indeed, a water feature introduces another level of nature to your landscaping endeavours.

It’s no accident that we seek out holidays at a beach or in beautiful natural areas with ponds, rivers or streams. Water soothes the soul and should certainly be a part of our garden design. Of course, as much as we love the gentle sounds of moving water, we love the wildlife that comes with it. Birds, dragonflies, frogs and butterflies all flock to water features and add yet another dimension of peace and tranquillity to our space. 

If you are planning on calling in a landscape artist to assist you with your little piece of heaven, then you will be thrilled to know that even the smallest of spaces can enjoy a water feature. A little back garden can still house an upright fountain or a wet wall. 

However, we feel that the true beauty of landscaping with water features lies in the fact that you can create something truly unique in your garden which satisfies all the pieces of your peace puzzle.

If you’re ready to landscape, call the Pool Spa team who can offer professional advice and service on pretty much any water feature your heart desires.