Going ‘green’ is all the rage these days, not only because it’s good for the planet but it can save you in maintenance time too.

While a natural pool creates a calming and soothing effect and is one that is at harmony with nature and the environment, over time, luxuriant plant growth can reduce water volume, so with a little renovation and upgrading your bio filter you can give your pool or pond fresh air to breathe.

What is a Bio Filter and how is it Beneficial?

A bio filter holds things like sponges, brushes, plastic tubing, plastic balls, lava rock, string bags, filter foam and other means of trapping solid particles, all housed in some form of housing. The collective name for the contents of a bio filter housing is “bio-media”.

The bio media create surfaces for ‘good’ bacteria colonies to live and thrive. The bacteria work to naturally convert any waste products that are produced in natural pools and ponds to fewer polluting materials.

A bio filter basically works by purifying the water at the interface with the bio media and also removes solids to keep your natural pool water clear. For example:

BioSmart Gravity Filters – these compact units are designed for small to medium ponds or ponds with moderate biological load (less fish), are a multi-stage mechanical and biological filtration system. During filtration, the water is directed through a series of filter foams that allow the settling of ‘good’ bacteria. Harmful ammonia and nitrites are converted to nitrates which actually support pond plant life.

These gravity filters are low maintenance in that you simply shut off your pump, pull up on the built-in cleaning handles and drain the debris through the built-in drain. The beneficial bacteria are retained, so your pond stays healthy.

FiltoClear Pressure Filters – these have a compact pressure filtration system and an easy-clean function. They also include a built-in UV Clarifier to ensure crystal clear water and are efficient with low power usage.

Thanks to the built-in cleaning mechanism, filter maintenance only takes a matter of minutes. Two-thirds of the filter can also safely be buried below ground, making it fairly unobtrusive. The pressurised filters also allow for the use of waterfalls in your pond should you wish to further enhance the beauty of your surrounds.

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