Solid PVC pool covering should be on your to-do list and you’ll soon know why. First, to reverse-engineer the spring version of the chorus; ‘Autumn’s here, the rains have gone, time to put your pool covers on.’

The moment you see autumn leaves start to descend on your pool, you need to have everything ready to secure the beautiful, clear blue water under its winter covering. Do the final cleaning on a windless day, to avoid a shower of autumn leaves mid-way.

Think Safety for your Solid PVC Pool Cover

Remember that winter covers may or may not double up as safety covers. A basic solid PVC winter pool cover is probably the simplest of all. But there is a downside. In comparison to its more popular and protective cousin, the safety solid PVC pool cover, the winter pool covers, usually held down by plastic water bags is attractive, unsafe, and needs more frequent replacing.

There are a variety of solid PVC pool covers with safety features and this must be a primary benefit of the highest order. These coverings are made of stronger PVC, are longer-lasting, and can withstand great weight.

Initial costs notwithstanding, once the safety feathers an installed, the benefits kick in soon enough to compensate for it over and again. Some community bylaws hold pool owners culpable even if it be a trespasser or vagabond that drowns in a covered pool without safety features.

Solid PVC Pool Cover Advantages

In no particular order, the benefits of a solid cover pretty much speak for themselves.

  • Seals off natural elements which translate into better pool hygiene, fewer chemicals, and filtration processes, and of course, less cleaning, which also means a power-saving benefit gets added here.
  • Saves water due to reducing evaporation almost completely. That means no topping up required when you open the pool again.
  • Temperature – solid PVC pool covers, at the same time that they are losing temperature lost to wind chill, gently heats the top layer just beneath the cover the longer the cover is in place. That makes jumping into the pool in the spring, less of a shock to the system.

Trusting you have treated your pool water to perfection and have no need to renovate, you’ll be so happy you covered it in time as you peel back your solid PVC pool cover to reveal the sparkling water you had on the last day of summer.